Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Yellow, Orange and Blue...OH MY" Skirt and Shirt Combo

As mentioned before I love the colors turquoise and red together but I also LOVE orange and blue. There is something about those two colors that oozes a combo of fall and winter. I guess it's the obvious cool and warm color scheme but I don't know...something about that combination makes me ready for the cool weather that hopefully will come sooner rather than later. Perhaps it's because it has been HOT up in here!! I know the whole sleeveless/skirt combo doesn't "look" fall/winter, but guys...I live in the sunshine state...winter is SO unpredictable here that skirts and tanks are perfectly acceptable year-round.

While walking through a fabric store recently, this floral fabric immediately jumped in my face and screamed to be purchased. So, being the good "fabric-whisperer" that I am, I did just that. This fabric is so vibrant, and I was immediately in love with the color scheme. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it so I picked up the yellow and blue solids that are below the floral and went to town. I added some orange lace to the hem of top tier of the know, because I LOVE lace right now. These fabrics are soft and flowly and cotton.

The shirt I made from cotton knit. I embellished it with a ruffle made from the same cream fabric, and I also used the same lace on the trim of the skirt on the shirt to add a little pop of color.
And at the end of the all comes down to Miss K. She immediately started twirling around as she often does in these skirts...which made the outfit totally worth creating :)

Size: Infants-Size 7
Cost: $48.00

Size: Infants-Size 7
Cost: $30.00

Skirt/Shirt Combo
Cost: $68.00

Monday, August 29, 2011

The "Dainty Lace Dress"

So I have a parenting confession to make :/ I've been keeping Miss K off the blog because she's sort of been on a "dress time-out." Yeah, I know I'm mean, but she was acting up and I knew the ONLY thing that would get her to stop would be taking away ALL of her dresses...for TWO weeks! Yeah she's been TOTALLY cut off for that long, and let me tell you it has huuuuurt! It hasn't only hurt her, but it's hurt me too (if it's any consolation). For one, I haven't been able to post anything with her in a dress but now I have to play catch-up with my post.

This little number is a light flowy cotton dress with a multi tier white lace sleeve. It's very comfortable and dainty looking. This is one of her favorite dresses...made it a little while back, and it represents the last of the dresses I had archived. I'll be introducing some fresh new looks soon.
Doesn't she look stoked to be back wearing what she LOVES the most?! I'm just happy I figured out what will work from here on out when she's acting up :) I know, I know mother of the year...don't judge!

Dress Size: Infant-5T
Cost: $45

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Requests *UPDATE!

I just needed to post these pictures! I know my cousin isn't going to be too happy because I was supposed to wait to get the pictures of the kids with their new outfits taken the day of the party...but what the heck! I don't think they could be ANY cuter!
I recognize that the pants/cargos are a little funky, trust me! But, I hear so many complaints from mothers of boys saying that boys don't get anything cute...that it's all the SAME stuff!! I say try funky...get out of your comfort zone and just put something different on your boy.

I mean seriously, how FREAKIN' cute are these two kids?!?!? I think bowties are in and least if I have anything to do about it!! Stay tuned for a NEW boy funky outfit hitting the blog this week. In the meantime, please enjoy these little cuties. Too bad they live 3,000 miles away because I would LITERALLY smother them in kisses!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

One More Furniture Make-Over!

At our home for the past few weeks we have been doing some re-organization. Every semester before school starts, I get this sort of pre-semester "nesting" phase. My poor husband has to just sit and listen while I tell him the BIG plan I have for REorganizing our home...again. I have to say I scored when I married McHubs...he is ALWAYS willing to accommodate my bi-annual demands for fixing things around the house (while not trying to roll his eyes at me too least when I'm not looking)!

This semester was no different, I got a kick for moving rooms/things around my house and redoing my entire craft room and the Mr.'s office. This I will admit is a temporary move but even so I got excited and he jumped on board so there you have reason for yet another furnishing revamp. These pieces I bought for $25 a pop!
I recall sending one of my bfs a text one morning, asking her if I should get them (these pieces are HUGE, and I really didn't want to tell the Mr. to drive down and pick them up in our truck). The minute "Y" received the picture she responded "heck yeah" HAVE to get them." Twist my arm, sister...I pulled the tags off those puppies before someone else moved in on them! I sheepishly got home, batted my eyelashes at my husband, and asked him to go pick up a little something for me at the store! Two trips later these puppies were in my garage, and I was STOKED!!!

So I just spent the last few weeks off and on painting them. I have been working on a few projects for my daughters school, but my sewing A.D.D kicked in and I just had to stop and do some painting! Let's just say these two pieces left no painting momentum in me, and I'll probably go on a painting hiatus for a while (...or not!). I love the way they came out. I love the color! Now, I can use these to store all my sewing goodies. Maybe if I have any energy left I'll reveal in a later post the finished room.

Thank Yous and Some 411!

First and foremost, I want to thank you ALL for your interest in k.a.i-y.a! Really, I never knew there would be SO much interest. I am humbled by the amount of people that check out my blog daily and post or email me with nice comments. Again, thank you!

I've had a great time sewing, creating and spending a lot of time with my little muse and friends this summer. I'm sad that summer is over and I'm officially back to school. It's exciting because after this semester I can close THIS chapter in my book of school. But, it's also sad because I had SO much free time to sew...I'm now reorganizing to handle the business and my commitment to my final 16 credits this semester.

I never knew this whole process was going to be so time consuming. There are so many factors that go into play when starting a small sewing business and keeping up with a blog. When there is no store to personally go look at an item you have to ensure that the people looking at your blog can get a very detailed idea of what you're selling. That's not always easy to do over a computer. I feel like we're getting better at it though. I'm practicing with my new awesome camera McHubs bought me and hopefully my sweet photographer skills will kick in some day soon :) Suggestions on angles are welcome!

As you can imagine, I was totally unprepared for any of this. Starting something is VERY exciting but as time goes on you start discovering the things that work and don't work to everyone's advantage. So with that said, I made a few changes to the blog.

The first one is I changed my purchasing button to a "add to cart" button. There were many emails from people wanting to know how to order more than one item more easily. Since I am still trying to learn the ropes I decided this might be an easier way to do it. I also added a "view cart" button on the right hand side. These changes I'm hoping will make ordering easier for all of you.

When you purchase anything through PayPal, you do have to sign up for the site (it's free and allows you to pay with multiple forms of payment, even checks I believe). When you purchase anything through my website, I get an email from PayPal notifying me of your payment. This is the easiest way for me to get an order actually. If using the buttons at the bottom of each post is not working for you, feel free to go ahead and email me your order and specify the name, size and quantity of the items that you want. I will then send you an invoice through PayPal. Once payment is received, I will notify you of the time it will take me to get your order shipped.

Another change I made was including combo pricing for items that I notice are almost always ordered together (skirts/shorts and shirts). Just another way to show my appreciation :)

Thanks again for your business, and if you have any questions about these changes, just let me know. I want to make sure I get things done and out to you as soon as possible and this way will be best for me to keep track of things.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Baby Gift Bundle

Babies are sprouting everywhere. I find myself talking to people that know of someone who is pregnant or just had a baby. I have a few friends that are currently pregnant or just had a baby. The funny thing is that most of these NEW mommies are having boys. Hubs and I laugh that IF and when we FINALLY decide to have another, we'll end up with another girl (not that I would mind because I love having my girl) but with all the boys being born in our midst it would be our "luck" to have another girl :) Because baby showers appear to be happening weekly, requests for cute homemade items are coming in. My cousin just suggested I make her something for a friend's baby and coincidently I already had something in the works.

I'm really into owls right fact, my daughters room is decorated with owls so I figured sticking with an owl theme would be fun and current.

The bib is made with 100% cotton chenille on one side and sandwiched with multiple layers of high absorbant 100% birdseye cotton (one of the most absorbant cottons out there). The owl applique is designed with multiple cotton pieces meticulously pieced together to add to the uniqueness of the design. This bib is durable and double sided.
Cost: $18

The Burp Cloth is made of 100% organic birdseye cotton and an appliqued owl was stitched onto the top layer of accent fabric.
Cost: $8

The changing pad is made with 100% chenille cotton on one side and brown and blue minky fabric on the other. The pocket could be used to store your baby wipes and diapers and it fully folds and fastens with a botton to fit a diaper bag. There is also an owl applique who's pieces were cut out individually and then pieced onto the changing pad.

Cost: $35

Now for my favorite item...the lovey blanket. These blankets are great baby soothers. The idea is that the babies mom is to sleep with this blanket for a few days before the baby is born and then to give this blanket to the baby to sooth him/her (because the mom's scent is on it). This blanket has an owl head and owl wings pieced onto the actual blanket. All pieces and details were cut individually and stitched separately to add to the uniqueness of the piece.It is made with both brown and blue minky fabric and is sooooo soft, I would keep it for myself to sleep with on those nights my hubs is out of town :)

All fabrics have been washed with dye/scent free detergent and preshrunk to ensure the shape and design of all items.

I can also have the child's name embroidered at $3 per item.

I will offer a bundle price of $75 plus $5 for the whole set to be embroidered.

Please email if you are interested in any of these items individually or as a bundle. I will also be making girls sets and a unisex set for those mamas who want to be surprised :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Requests!

In a few weeks, a very special girl (my goddaughter) will be turning 5! When her mom called to ask me to make her the "ice cream scoop" skirt and "portrait shirt", I immediately jumped at the opportunity. When she mentioned that it was going to be Little Mermaid themed, I couldn't tell you how happy I was!! For one, it's pretty much one of THE best Disney movies (next to Beauty and the Beast) and when I think of The Little Mermaid, I think of turquoise and red (and we all know how much I love that combination)!! It's really hard to photograph outfits without the person they are made for wearing them. I couldn't exactly use my usual model so I worked with what I had.

Oh, wait?? Did I not mention my goddaughter had a little brother?? She sure does....and he is freaking ADORABLE. So there was NO way I wasn't going to make something for him as well. I think it's adorable when little brothers and sisters coordinate each other...especially on special occasions. So here is your first look at some of the things I'll be making for boys. The cargo shorts (Bermudas) have tons of details on them. They're top stitched throughout, have side pockets and a cargo pocket on the side. I decided to keep the elastic solely on the back to give it a more "grown-up" look.

The fabric combination for the shorts was used strictly to keep with the Little Mermaid theme. I will be posting other fabric combinations for these shorts in the next few days. If you do like this fabric combination, I can simply make some just like these.

I'll be posting pictures of these outfits once the birthday girl and her brother get them in California!

Cargo Shorts (Bermudas): Infants-Size 6
Cost: $45

Shirts: Infants-Size 6
Cost: $25

As a Set: Infants- Size 6
Cost: $59.00

Friday, August 5, 2011

taking a break...well, not really!

I decided last weekend to take a break from sewing. I'm helping a friend with some curtains for her school and I just needed to work on something else. I've been working more on painting these past few days and this is one of the projects I worked in between a few other things I have going on.

My entryway was in need of a serious makeover, needless to say I've been on a mission to find the perfect piece of furniture to replace my old entryway table and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I LOVE the way it came out!! I remain surprised at how my style/preferences have changed...I do love clean lines but funky/antique/vintage/rustic distressed touches are starting to be my look of choice for my home decor (for pretty much everything, actually). I'm sure there is a more official term for what I've described above...for now, I'll call it funky! I painted every piece in the pictures except for the sign and the books. The big frame was an old picture that I completely painted over, then I painted right over the glass with chalkboard paint. I'm waiting a few days for the chalkboard paint to settle in order to write a very 'welcoming' greeting right on it. I also went ahead and made some state stencils to add to the other two for California and one for New Jersey, the home states for me and my hubs (the pictures don't do it justice, maybe I'll post a close up later).