About Me

I have a serious addiction to fabric. To me, there is nothing more relaxing than walking around a fabric store...touching fabric and getting inspired. My love and inspiration originated after high school, leading me to fashion school, but my career path took me in a different direction...my creative spirit was re-ignited when I had my daughter over 4 years ago. I went out, bought a sewing machine, took a few sewing classes to brush up on my skills and got back into it. I sketched tons of ideas, which today I'm trying to recreate.

And now here I am, showing you what I love to make. I see handmade as a way to have something unique, something that no one else will have. A plethora of fabric combinations are used with my designs so not one piece will be the same although the overall style will remain intact. I also take into heart the functionality and wear of the piece I'm working with. I'm sewing mostly for children, so in turn I try and make things that can be washed or stain treated pretty easily. My big idea is to try and create a more inspiring market for boys...who says boys wont enjoy a fun, funky outfit of their own!

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoy my blog.