Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello and Happy 2012

I've been so MIA it's not even funny anymore. I have to has been nuts. Well more like December was nuts. Orders were rollin in at an unbelievable speed, on top of school, graduation, Christmas...etc. etc. Life is great! I have to thank everyone for taking the time to stop on by and check out my stuff and support my venture...means a lot.

I'm trying to be better in 2012 about blogging. Hoping to get a few posts in a week with any free time I have. Also, there will be some fun changes coming to k.a.i-y.a and that's also very exciting yet time consuming! Stay tuned...these changes might not roll out until March or so. Anyway...I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday season! Wishing all of you a blessed 2012!