Friday, September 30, 2011

The "Mini" Photo Shoot!

I'm so excited to reveal what I have been working on for a few weeks now!! I hope you enjoy my "mini" models and ALL of their adorableness!

All these kids are Miss K's best buddies...they go to school together, and really could NEVER get enough of each other! All of their parents are pretty much awesome and we just have a blast when we hang out! So it was only obvious that I chose them to be in this particular photo shoot! I would have liked to have included more of her friends, but I didn't have enough time to get everyone together...on top of design, sew and photograph all of the outfits!

I'll have to give serious props to ALL of these kids...they were AMAZING during this shoot! Smiled, listened and believe it or not seemed to have an all-around good time!! It was my first time taking pictures of multiple little ones with my new camera...and I have decided I really need some lessons! I wonder if this amazing photographer offers any lessons??

So here you have Halloween collections. I'm enamored by it, and plan on using some of these designs for the future holiday collections I have coming out soon! So without further ado here you have it...all the ADORABLE kids (and a VERY special and seriously HOT mommy thrown in there for good luck) and their Halloween gear :)
I love October, all these outfits could be easily rotated throughout the month and even for use in later months. Why not, right?? Who EVER said that ORANGE and BLACK were strictly for Halloween...not me!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's ALL About Functionality!

Last year, I made Miss K a dress for Halloween! I was always a little hesitant about making anything look too "holidayish." Needless to say, the dress was black and orange and I made it a point to rotate it into her repertoire throughout the month of October. Funny thing is, I caught the Mr. dressing her for school in the same dress WELLLLL after October, and it still looked VERY cute. I guess when it comes to orange, for the most part it can be a color that is represented in the month of November (for Thanksgiving) as well!

I got to thinking that dressing your kids in Holiday gear is WAY too fun to have to pass up, simply because you are concerned about making the investment on something they'll only wear a few weeks out of the year! The other night, after I went for my walk with my VCC neighbors I started thinking of a way to get the ol' reliable pillowcase dress to serve even more of its multifunctional purposes. As I mentioned in a previous post, pillowcase dresses are a very popular sell for me, especially during the holidays. They are one of the things that kids can wear for a LONG time...they look great with leggings, jeans and even with a cardigan when they are outgrown as a dress...or even when the weather cools down. Those two reasons alone made me want to explore further how I could make these dresses even MORE multifunctional! And...voila! I decided to make them reversible!! Having two dresses in one, that could be worn for more than just a special occasions/holidays! but there is more....why not offer an array of different straps to go with them?? Some you could easily switch out and REALLY give your pillowcase dress a serious make over?!?! Well this is what I came up with...the reversible/interchangeable strap pillowcase dress! I will sell the straps seperately and you can pick and choose based on color combinations! I mean in the end it's about getting good solid use of your kid's clothes...they already grow like weeds, but how great is it that now you can use and reuse and switch it up a bit! I've already come up with several ideas for this concept, now i'm just working on the execution...stay tuned. In the meantime, here is the latest and greatest! I will be including pictures of this dress with different straps in a future post (sorry it's been a very busy week and I was short for time) so you can appreciate its versatility a little better. The best part is, you can also change the look by the straps you choose - either one long strap or two shorter ones (as pictured in my previous pillowcase post) you tie on each side. Really, your options are endless.
So this was my "Halloween" version of the dress! I tried it with different fabric for the strap and it looks ADORABLE, it really does give it a different look, a look that isn't Halloweenish at all!

This dress was made with three different 100% cotton designer fabrics. However, I will be using different combinations for this dress in future designs.

Size: Infants-Size 7
Cost: $48.00
Straps: $5 each

Monday, September 26, 2011

FFFF Challenge...STRIPES

I haven't forgotten about my FFFF Challenge, trust me! In fact, I wore my outfit last Friday when I went out to breakfast with my friend "S". But, because of the constant running around that my Fridays have turned into lately, I totally forgot to photograph myself wearing it!! This weekend was a bit of a blur, to be honest with you guys! I had the ingenious idea to have a garage sale and throw a party with 40+ people at my house all on the same day! Well, lets just say they were both a success, but I was completely wiped out come Sunday! I woke up early, went to church, did some MORE running around and finally got home with just ENOUGH energy to do homework, make dinner, sew and try and come up with ANOTHER outfit for my challenge!! I'm starting to think that the CHALLENGE is going to be finding the time to put that picture on this blog! :)

This outfit is comprised of some of the favorite things in my closet! The shirt I purchased at my favorite thrift store in Melrose back when I still lived in California. I can't get enough of those poofy sleeves, they are in my opinion pretty bomb diggity ("I like your sleeves...they're real BIG" -Napolean Dynamite). Those are my FAVORITE skinny For-All-Mankind organic jeans, and the shoes....some of my favorite Steve Maddens!! Sadly enough, everything pictured on me is at least 5 years old! I guess I should be happy that they all still fit, right?
And yes, Aqua girls...I have had this outfit for a "million years" LOL :)

Check out all the fabulous looks on the aquaseventy6 blog! These girls are VERY talented~


Halloween Sneak Peek!

Hi Friends,
Today, I'm playing catch-up, so there might be a few posts coming out (we'll see)! Some of you might know, but I finally started my Facebook fan page. I had started the initial process a few months back...but having zero extra time to put into it (I'm not a fan of doing anything if it's not perfect) deterred me from posting it until last week! But, it's finally up and running and growing at warp speed! Thank you all who have liked the FB page and congratulations to the first giveaway winners! Oh yeah...I forgot to mention to those that don't follow me on Facebook, I will be having monthly giveaways, so it's really to your advantage to 'like' the page...share it with anyone you think might like it!

As for me, I've been here working my tail off! I have so many things going on that I'm surprised my head is still attached to my body! I have to say sleep is no longer part of my daily routine, so it goes without saying that looking exhausted is starting to be my look of choice. Maybe I'll start a revolutionary fashion trend where looking not-so-cute is in (here's hoping)!!! Either way creating is still going on, not at the rate I'd like but it's happening :) I'm still working on a few things for my daughter's school, with that and my own mound of school work...I AM SWAMPED :) Strangely enough, I love it. Like I said before, my nonstop personality enjoys the hustle of having to tackle a billion things at once, but I'm more than sure that come December, I'll be ready for a much needed vacation!! And yes, I will be bringing my sewing machine with me once again.

So here is my long-promised Halloween post. Even though this isn't the complete collection, it'll give you an idea of what to look out for!!

I had so much fun coming up with this little number! For one, this skirt is pretty much the most popular thing I make! So thinking about making them with a little Holiday flare just made sense! Not to mention the A D O R A B L E bowtie shirts and tie with hankie shirts that are going to be paired with it! I'm gathering up my models this week so stay tuned, but for now...I leave you with Miss K!!! I've noticed, she's been a little MIA from this blog, I think it's time to bring her back in full force...what do you think?

Skirt/Shirt Combo is made with 100% cotton fabric. I meticulously ruffled the tulle and used matching fabric from the skirt to make the shirt!

In the spirit of Halloween, she really had to make her most frightening face!!! She cracks me up!

Skirt/Shirt Combo
Size: Infants-Size 7
Cost: $58

Again, thanks for all your support, love and orders!!!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a WEEK!

It's easy to forget to count your blessings when you have an extremely rough week, but today I sit and take a moment to reflect on the blessings that are always in my midst even though I sometimes fail to notice them right away.

These past few weeks, despite being overwhelmed with sad news and a stressful amount of work to do, I reflect and appreciate. I have wonderful friends, that are there for me with truth, love and support. I have a fantastic family that LOVE me to my core, and help me get through these rough patches...they help me out in my time of need, ALWAYS. I truly wish that everyone can be as blessed as me. I am privileged that I get to spend nights with girlfriends that make me laugh, and inspire me to tackle something new...and even those that are so chill that allow me to just enjoy the moment. Afternoons drinking coffee, grabbing lunch or chatting on the phone are's a gift.

I get to reflect on these past few tough weeks and love what's in my surrounding. Friends and family...some of those I get to see all the time and those I can only see a few times a year...but even so we are connected, one way or the other.

OK, reflection time is is my entry for the FFFF Challenge. I'm not going to lie, the weather is still HOT out here. So getting into the Fall mood wasn't that easy. Either way I sucked it up and whipped something up that I can wear on a future "cooler" day. I decided to put a little spin to it and include my little one :) She loves rockin' her boots! Each item stuck to the rules of the challenge...all were in our closet, how very frugal of me :)! SCORE!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did You Know I LOVE a Challenge??

Yeah, I pretty much do. I mean I used to (because now my TV watching time is basically nonexistent) love to watch Iron Chef, Project Runway, Designers Challenge and all those reality TV shows where the contestants were forced to use the same ingredient/materials/whatever to challenge themselves. Then I eagerly waited for the challengers to come to the judges and show off their creations.

Well for me my challenges come in not so much a competition with anyone but more so in a way to keep myself excited, motivated and eager to keep creating and designing something new. I have noticed more lately that I have some form of A.D.D. I mean, I haven't been diagnosed by a professional but really most tasks I start get side tracked by another task, and I find this is when I do my best work. I get bored working on one thing FOREVER, so I have to start something else in order to keep me moving...I know...strange thinking, right?

Well my dear friends over at AquaSeventy6 are having a challenge. Yeap, they sure are it's called the "Fabulously Frugal Fall Fashion Challenge" wheeeew...say that 3 times fast :) When I was told about this awesomeness I JUMPED on the opportunity. For one, like them I too LOVE Fall and two (the obvious reason) I couldn't resist the challenge. It'll just be one more task to help me with this A.D.D issue I have going on. Stay tuned...this oughta be fun!



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Holidays Are Coming...The Holidays Are Coming!!!

Ok, senioritis couldn't have hit me smack in the face any more than it already has. I guess it's because I had such a FUN summer, or maybe it's because I'm taking 5 classes and 2 labs...hmmm...??? Well I wish I had all the time in the world to sew and blog and enjoy the rain, but the truth is I don't!

Time management has been essential and trying to get through all these orders has been a priority. Let's just say Starbucks is becoming my BFF at around 5PM. I love me some dirty nonfat chai lattes...double dirty (cause I like my chais how I like my martinis:)

I know I promised a boy outfit, but I'm going to have to hold off for now. I didn't want to leave you totally hanging though. Let's just say that the holidays have hit home! Wow, I love how much people are into dressing up their kids for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas....and let me tell you some people are awesome and very proactive about getting these outfits out of the way! I mean seriously Christmas orders already??? Yeap, unlike me some people are pretty amazing and take Christmas card photos in OCTOBER!! I didn't even send out Christmas cards last year...yeah I know, I'm super lame!
So here is a little sneak peek at what I made for this awesome mama and her ADORABLE girls!!
I can't wait to see how the Christmas card comes out. Stay tuned for the boy outfit that would compliment this look if you happen to have a boy and a girl :) No worries, outfits for Halloween are is a little look-a-roo at some Halloween goodness!

Ice Cream Scoop Skirt & Silhouette Shirt

**because holiday orders are coming in at a rapid pace, please make sure you place your orders as quickly as possible so I can ensure you get your orders with ample time** thanks


Thursday, September 1, 2011

*Update: Snack Bags

My snack bags have been a big's great that people are making an attempt to be more green. I guess now that the kids are going back to school and bagged lunches are becoming more common, these guys are really coming in handy. Snack bags are a great way to avoid having to purchase disposable sandwich bags in an effort to reduce the amount of waste being tossed into those landfills.
*putting my name over the embroidered name was my attempt at not disclosing the identity of the purchaser, especially since I didn't get their permission to post their name up*
Did I mention I LOVE blue and orange....ya think?
These bags are easy to wash. Personally, I toss them in the washer on cold a few times a week and allow them to air dry. You can also wipe down the inside on a daily basis with regular soap and water (I use a vinegar/essential oil concoction that I love to use to disinfect).

These bags are a good convenient way to package a lunch/snack, not to mention they help out our environment. With all the hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters going on, I think mother nature NEEDS us to throw her a bone!


Snack Bags
Large: $12.00
Small: $9.00