Thursday, November 17, 2011

My New Giveaway is Finally Being Announced :)

I know, I've been totally hinting on my Facebook page for a while now about this new giveaway I'm having. My house got hit with some nasty bugs and I was the last of the crew to catch them, so while I am a little late I'm totally excited to finally announce it!

My girls over at AquaSeventy6 and I have put our creative juices together and decided to host two awesome giveaways that we'll be hosted separately on each of our sites! Are you all familiar with the super talented and beautiful girls over at AquaSeventy6? No, you say...well here is a little background: These two chicas are longtime friends and Tampa natives who put their mutual love for all things vintage/bohemian and started this awesome blog and shop that is a unique and fantastic collaboration of both of their amazing talents. Despite the fact that these two lovelys have up and left the Tampa Bay area within the last year, they still continue to get their creative-on from a distance and sell their amazing stuff to clients near and far! Pretty cool, right?

Well, I thought seeing how I'm such a fan of these two, both creatively and personally, we HAD to put together a cool giveaway! How can you partake in this awesomeness, you ask? Well the fun starts right on over to AquaSeventy6
where they will be giving one of my lovely k.a.i-y.a followers a chance of snaggin' a totally beautiful and their very popular Yoga Mat Bag. I mean seriously, isn't this bag DA' BOMB! I could totally see myself struttin' into my Hot Flow Yoga class rockin' one of these bad boys! Best part is it's totally washable and handmade...and you know we all love that, right???

So here is whatcha got to do to enter!!!
1.) Become a follower of k.a.i-y.a. on Google Friend Connect (that is that little box on the side bar under the word “followers”. If you are already a follower, just leave a comment stating “I follow k.a.i-y.a.”
2.) Become a follower of AquaSeventy6 on Google Friend Connect. If you are already a follower, just leave a comment stating “I follow AquaSeventy6”
3.) “Like” k.a.i-y.a. on Facebook. ”. If you already “like” k.a.i-y.a, just leave a comment stating “I like k.a.i-y.a. on Facebook”
4.) “Like” AquaSeventy6 on Facebook. If you already “like” AquaSeventy6, just leave a comment stating “I like AquaSeventy6 on Facebook”.

This contest ends on November 22nd at noon Eastern Time. I will then use my R#G (Random Number Generator) to choose ONE winner. Make sure you have your email settings on, or you leave your email address on one of the comments so I have a way of reaching you if you are indeed the winner!!

**If you have any issues leaving a comment try using Safari, Firefox or Chrome**

Best of luck lovely peeps!


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