Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Traditions

I have to admit that growing up, I didn't come from a family with many traditions. I mean, yeah we had the basic gatherings and celebrations; but really most Colombians I know don't tend to have them.

On the other hand, McHubs grew up with TONS of traditions that I absolutely LOVE...one being making cookies during the holiday season. I started this tradition with my family and I have to say we're HUGE fans!! With K's allergies we have to find a creative alternative to those dairy-filled cookies so scoring vegan chocolate chips was really the highlight of our year!! Thank goodness for vegans, or my daughter would be seriously deprived. In this house, we also do a ton of cooking and entertaining, and my daughter like most other kids I know LOVES to get in on the cooking action! Aprons are essential when prepping said meals...especially when I have a sidekick under the age of 5 who is as messy as her momma in the kitchen :) These aprons are adorable and perfectly fitted to your little one's body. I can make this in an array of fabrics and characters. In fact, I'm working on the superhero and princess versions of these aprons right now for gifts or other occasions :) Since traditions usually involve all members of the family I made the mom version of this apron, high neck and ruffled perfect for keeping your tops clear of any food :)
Size Kids: Small-Large
Cost: $15


Size Moms: Small-Large
Cost: $18


Sets: Sibling Set
Cost: $28


Sets: Mom/Brother/Sister
Cost: $40


**Please note, that several different Christmas fabrics will be used on these aprons**

Last year, I also started a new tradition with my family...matching Christmas PJs! These things were a HUGE hit and we loved waking up wearing our super comfy pjs and opening all our Christmas swag :) I'm enamored by this tradition as I was able to include both my mom and little brother! I'm already working on the 2011 version of our Christmas jammies! I have an array of fabrics you can choose from and will be happy to make the mom/dad version of these as well.
Here is a little sneak-peek at what this year's jammies will look like. Kaiya modeled this order for me and it was seriously difficult to get her to take them of...she loves how comfy they are!

I will post more fabric options later.

Please email me directly with any specific fabric and size request for these PJs. For adults I make XS, S, M, L, XL.

Size: Infants-Adult XL
Cost: $25 for Kids Size Set (Shirt and Pants) **Please use infants, 12 months, 2T...etc size specification when ordering the kids PJ set.


$30 for Adult Size Set (Shirt and Pants)


**Please email me directly for special pricing on orders needing more than 3 PJ sets**


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  1. Oh my gosh girl all of these things are fabulous!!!! Love them!