Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pattern Making Love!

I have to admit, my FAVORITE part of making clothes is the actual designs/pattern-making part of it. Nothing like coming up with an idea, making the pattern and seeing it to fruition after all the pieces have been sewn together!

A few weeks ago, I gladly volunteered to make a dress for my daughter's Fall Festival. I was more than excited to do it, as I love her school and all the wonderful women that work there! I got to work on creating something new...something more in the direction that I envision future k.a.i-y.a designs. I decided to work on two dresses simultaneously (as I often tend to do), and I knew I wanted the skirts to be full....very, very full! So I completed them and decided on which one would be the more ideal to send out to the school. The red Christmas-esque one is the one I fell in love with. The other with the gorgeous damask print (that I have to admit, I've used plenty of times on other designs) that I tend to horde because I love it so much went to my model...a little something she got to use on our very last minute trip to NJ. My fabric collection continues to grow as my addiction doesn't subside.. I think I need to start plowing through my fabric-stash, because I keep forgetting about all the wonderful prints I currently have!
Size: 2T-Size 6
Cost: $48

Size: infants-Size 5
Cost: $48

And now, we sit basking in the sight of this beautiful afternoon...enjoying the snow plowing down on us! I just hope we're able to make it out tomorrow...duty calls, and school and work aren't going to wait :)

Happy Saturday, lovely peeps!


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  1. omg im dying with how cute and beautiful she is. and this new outfit it so cute i need a baby