Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snackbags...Ruffles and Headbands..OH MY!

I have LITERALLY been working my tail to the bone (I'm not sure why that expression is used, but I'm not going to kind of weirds me out)! I haven't stopped. I sleep less and less and still have a continuous serge of energy going on in my body (I've been trying to cut back on the Starsbucks too). I know WHEN I crash it's going to be I'm hoping it'll be waaaaay after school is out and preferably when I'm sitting in front of the ocean, sipping some seriously fruity high calorie cocktail while sunbathing somewhere hot and tropical :)

I have to admit, with all that's been going on and the amount of orders I've been getting it's been a little rough to stay connected. My girlfriend H - a neighbor and fellow sewer - always told me she make and makes and makes but NEVER has time to actually write about most of her stuff. This sort of bummed me out because I love reading her blog and reading about what she made and who she made it for. But now, I can totally relate to her and know what it's like to not have time to post everything you make on here. Sometimes having the time to snap a picture is a stretch. So I thought I'd post some pics of a few things I've made recently. Here they are...
Size: Infant-Adults
Cost: $6.50

The one thing I will talk about are my snackbags! These guys continue to sell like hot cakes! And I have to say Mother Nature better be appreciative of ME and the AWESOME peeps that are buying these! Just when I think I'm done making my last one, I tend to get another few orders and I get cranking away on those. But, the wonderful thing about making something over and over and over and over that my wheels start turning and I'm ALWAYS thinking about what I can do to make these look or function even better! Sewing on plastic/vinyl/oilcloth isn't the easiest by any means. The sewing machine usually doesn't feed it through as easily as a woven fabric. So, snackbags, although "small", can take the longest to make. I worked and worked to try and figure out the best way to have these bags continue to be functional, but maybe look more aesthetically clean and beautified? Well this is what I came up with!
I worked with my machine, figured out a few special tips and tricks and discovered a way to make the outer seams of the bags look CLEAN! I will admit, it's always been one of the things I didn't LOVE about them. I mean I guess I could have made them cotton on both the inside and outside. But I wanted them to be used for something more than a sandwich. What if you had fruit in there or something that would require them to not leak through? Vinyl, to me, was mandatory.

I have to say the very first one I made using the new design (pictured below) I wanted to make-out with. I mean seriously...look at the gorgeous, bohemian, bright hot!!! I am absolutely fascinated by these bags. My wheels contiue to turn, and I am pretty close to coming up with an even more functional and fantastic design. Stay tuned :)

These guys JUST shipped so I'm hoping when they get to their new homes...they'll love them as much as I do!!!


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