Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sundays Are Indeed Fundays!

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. I don't know why really, I guess I feel like it summarizes my entire week, and it makes me happy! Some weeks are SO busy that I literally cannot wait for Sunday to come...only because in my mind it makes me feel like I have FINALLY made it!!

My Sundays typically start early. We get up, head out to 8:30 mass and continue our day from there. We usually don't end up back home until waaaay later but even so, I'm happy I get to have that day with my family and friends. The thing about Sundays despite starting off as typically busy is that there is a for-sure thing that happens EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY in the fall/winter at my house - we watch Football!!! When I say WE, I really mean...McHubs. Sometimes friends come over and we cookout and I partake on the whole "watching" thing. But for the most part when it's just us...I'm in my WOMANcave sewing, or crafting, or catching up with my girlfriends. The thing about sports and me is that 1. I don't love them, and 2. When I do watch, I get SUPER locked in on the game, find myself yelling at the T.V. and end up super frustrated with the team I'm rooting for that week (because it does change weekly) if they are losing! I'm not a jump-on-the-bandwagon type of sports watcher, but I will say...I don't like the teams my OTHER half likes. NOT AT ALL!! Which is probably my favorite part about watching his team lose with him! hehe :)

But Sundays are a FUNDAY...we love them, and because I'm such a fan, I thought a nice shirt to showcase my love would be cool!
How fun is this little outfit. Great for running errands or just lounging around doing simple, Sunday things. The weather, although still warm, is cooling down. So pants, capris, bermudas will be making their way onto Miss K's little body!! She surprisingly loved these pants....said they were way comfy, but she couldn't get enough of the shirt! She WUVED it!! Not to mention the adorable pom pom notion around the neck. Stay tuned peeps, next to lace, I think these pom-poms will be making their way onto many of my future designs. I just love how cute and fun they look!
The shirts can be customized with the colors of ANY NFL Football team you'd like, or I can keep it neutral for just a fun shirt to wear any time (like Miss K's)

Size: Infants-Size 8
Cost: $20


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