Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Little Batty Birthday!

I love it when my girlfriends ask me to make them things...give me their vision, and in the end allow me to run with it! One of my girlfriends asked me last week to make her son a birthday shirt! So I went to town! I'm not big on boy shirts having strange appliques on them, I usually like a little more detail and spend some time on my boy stuff! Boys in my opinion get gypped when it comes to clothes, so what I try and do is add a little more love to their stuff only because they have limited options! So I took this opportunity to add a little extra love to this little man's shirt and I think it came out super cute!! However, my friend picked up the shirt before I could photograph it and texted me that her OTHER son loved the shirt SO much he wanted one for HIS birthday....I figured, since I had the materials out already...I'd just whip one up! These boys are seriously adorable...not to mention that the one I made this particular shirt for is Miss K's buddy!! So it was even more fun!!
I made this shirt using Batman fabric and will be making it with other superhero fabric as well! I embroidered their name on the main fabric as well as their age on the bat. The Batman logo is two separate pieces sewn individually to each other. All material are 100% cotton! I love the contrast of the color of the shirt...makes it look sort of vintage and worn :) However, the color of the shirt might vary for future shirts.

Now these two boys are ready to go fight some baddies!


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